Run Stronger, Get Faster – Training Plans


I get a lot of queries from people who want to get faster. If you know me, you’ll know that getting faster isn’t necessarily a focus of mine, but I’ve done it and more importantly, I know how to help other people run faster too.

A lot of factors can influence you being able to run faster, including
– Experience
– Weighing lighter
– Training: speedwork, tempo, hills etc
– Conditions
– Competition
– Motivation and goals
– Cross training

My Run Stronger, Get Faster Training Plan
In my Run stronger, Get faster training plans I focus on the training element:

Here are my two versions of the plan:

1. Run Stronger, Get Faster Plan! – up to half marathon distance.
2. Run Stronger, Get Faster, Run a Marathon Plan! – train for the London Marathon each year.

Note:  When you open the training plan, it is important to download and save it to your computer.  You can update the dates for the start of your training blocks, as well as a recent time for a 5k or 10k.  And importantly, you will record the distance you travel on your Effective runs (in the green cells) so that the training plan will work out what your individual pace is.

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The training plans include 3 runs a week and 1-2 days of cross training:
1. Easy
2. Effective
3. Long

Super 8s Strength work or HIIT work like Metafit, Insanity or Circuits.
Heavy weights, limited rest, intense work, progressive.

Three runs per week

Easy runs are exactly that. Take everything in, take it easy. Don’t push it. Enjoy yourself.  Run on your own or with others, but be sure to make it easy and enjoyable.

photo5Effective runs are what should help you to run faster and help you to see results. Speedwork (intervals), Tempo runs, Hill work and a Time Trials.  Effective runs teach your body (and mind) to get used to running faster in short periods, so that when you try to run faster over longer periods, it becomes easier.

The Speedwork intervals are the runs which will show you your progress. You run intervals for a set time (35 minutes for example) three weeks out of six and record how far you’ve run each time. The idea is that with improvements in fitness and with your body getting used to the speedwork, you should run further each time. (You’ll need a GPS device to record the distance).  Note the distances down in the green cells on the plan.


An example speedwork session would be: 35 mins: 10 x 1:1 mins:
10 minute warm up jog / run.
10 x 1 minute fast, 1 minute recovery (either walking or jogging).
5 minutes recovery /cool down at the end.

Long runs are a bit like the easy runs, but their distances increase by a little most weeks until you get an easier / shorter week. It’s good to run with friends on these runs, or on your own, but take them easy and don’t push yourself too hard. It’s about running the distance, bit running fast.

Strength Training 1-2 per week

photo 12

The plans include my Super 8s Strength workout – see and print out the Super 8s tab on the training plans linked to above.

photo 11

A Super 8s workout should take about 30-50 minutes to complete.

Do them 1-2 times a week, or do them once and include another type of cross training.

Rest  1-3 days per week
1-3 rest days a week are included in the plan as I know how important rest is.
Rest and cross training allows your body to recover, prevents injury and mixes things up a bit so you don’t get bored (of running 6 days per week for example!)

As with any training plan, this one is flexible, however I would always aim to complete the Effective and Long run and at least 1 strength session a week.


photo 13

So there we have it – my Run Stronger, Get Faster Plans.

You can train  with the 1st one – and build your mileage up to running 10ks and half marathons, or you can train with the second version and train to complete a marathon.

Remember to be flexible with your training, get a running buddy (or a few) if it helps, and most of all, enjoy yourself!  🙂

If you have any questions, comment on my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page or email me.  🙂

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4 Responses to Run Stronger, Get Faster – Training Plans

  1. Stacey says:

    Thanks so much for this plan! Im ALWAYS looking for good training plans and this tops the charts! I’ve loved being a new reader of your blogs the last few weeks. Really motivational!

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