Kaizen Run Club: Speedwork with Maxine…

kaizen activeWell, tonight I had a bit of a crazy idea… a bit of fun with a new Kaizen mascot, and some speedwork.

Here’s our new mascot:
Maxine the Greenspeedmachine!

maxine kaizen

She makes a funny squeeky noise when you squeeze her and apparently it sounds like me? (so the person who bought me it thought – I disagree, but anyway).

Maxine wants to make all the Kaizens run FAST… and she loves coming out to chase people and cause havoc!  😉

Is it any wonder Kaizen wrote this about me?

Lorn is Kaizen Active’s Running Coach and really should come with a ‘warning’ sign. Lorn’s enthusiasm for running is infectious and if you’re not careful, there is a good chance you will catch the running bug too.

From 5km charity events to long distance Ultramarathons, Lorn has done it all and believes you can too. Lorn will motivate you, quite literally, every step of the way and have you up and running in no time.

🙂  (Check out Kaizen’s new website here).

Anyway, tonight involved the following:

A 5 min warm up jog to the Clyde side and some speedwork:
Pyramid runs: lamposts: 
Fast for 1, recover back for 1.
Fast for 2, recover back for 2.
Fast for 3, recover back for 3.
Fast for 4, recover back for 4.
Fast for 5, recover back for 5.
Fast for 4, recover back for 4.
Fast for 3, recover back for 3.
Fast for 2, recover back for 2.
Fast for 1, recover back for 1.
Lampost sprints for 2:
Fast for 2, recover and continue for next 2. Repeat 7 times.
Do the same on the way back.
Pyramid sprints again:
(as above).
Lampost sprints for 1:
Fast for 1, recover and continue for next 1. Repeat 14 times.
Fast for 2, turn back and recover for 1. Repeat 14 times.
Then we did a recovery jog for around 10 minutes and played a couple of games of chase / tig with Maxine (and someone) being it.  😉
And a 5 minute jog back to the Marriott.

Here’s who came along:
(Maxine 😉 ), Bushra, Jamie, Laura, Sandra, Ryan and Suleman.

4 miles of speedwork in 45 minutes.
Here’s the details on Garmin. 🙂

speedwork 120213

Everyone did really well and I hope they enjoyed themselves. 🙂

Do you fancy joining us at Kaizen Run Club?  If so, it takes place on:

Tuesdays at 6:15pm
Sundays at 10:30am

We start from the Marriott and your first session is free.
You can sign up here. 🙂

(You should be able to run for 30 minutes consistently, but don’t worry about pace, we’ll look after you. Kaizen Run Club is about having fun and getting fit.  No pressure – just good people, fun and good chat).

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