Wk1 – Full Body KB Strength Workout

This morning, back to it, I managed to try out my full body strength home workout using kettlebells.

I ended up having 8 exercises and the whole thing took a rather express 26 minutes! (but was still challenging and hard work.)

Here’s what I did:

Full Body Strength Workout
5 min / 1km warm up run outside 🙂
5 sets of 5 reps of each exercise
1. Best Form Press ups
2. Squat 2x12kg
3. Press (singles) 1x12kg
4. Bent Over Row 2x12kg
5. KB swing 1x12kg
6. Straight Legged Deadlift 2x12kg
7. Clean (singles) 1x12kg
8. Deadlift 2x12kg

Now I feel like I’ve really worked for my breakfast, AND there’s only one day left of this working week! Yahoo!

Full body strength workout:
26 mins incl 0.6M run, 208 cals,
144 (76%) Ave HR, 161 (85%) Max HR.
Garmin Training Effect: 2.5

HR 040113

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