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Strength training (not cardio) is the real fat burner

We’ve all been there at some point. You need to lose some weight. For some people, they end up opting for the cardio as their primary means to burn fat. However if you’re not including some form of strength training … Continue reading

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Afternoon energy booster

Spinach, chicken breast, tomato, beetroot, Greek yogurt and chia seeds. It maybe doesn’t look to appetising but it’s well tasty and I have it at around 16:45 each day to give my energy levels a boost before training. 🙂

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21st pint of blood given…

I gave blood for the 21st time today.  🙂  I gave blood in the new donor bus this time as it came to my work. 😀 My haemoglobin was 13.9 which is pretty good (it has to be 12.5 to … Continue reading

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