Kaizen Active Metafit

On Thursday night I went to the Kaizen Active Metafit launch night.


I’ve done Metafit for a few months at Glasgow Club and I have to say the Kaizen Metafit class was the best one I’ve been to yet.

David took the class and gave a good explanation of the exercises and benefits of the class. He really helped us to understand what we were in for and what was expected. He was very encouraging and knowledgable and reminded us that form and how hard we work is more important than how many reps we did.

Why was it different from all the rest?

Well, as Kaizen is quite a small outfit, with two personal trainers David and Gordon running it, they seem to focus a lot more on the individual. They look at what you need and make sure you get the most from your workouts.

Less of a machine for the mass market, more of a well informed and oiled machine that wants you to be fit, healthy and active.

Another thing that was different was the bit of paper we got to record how we were progressing. It was a great idea and one I could never see Glasgow Club doing.

I’ve never had that in any other Metafit class by other places, and it’s a really good idea to help show progress and make you push that little bit harder. Great Kaizen stuff!

As well as having the two of on the staff roll, they have me as their running coach, Sam as their boot camp coach and Ross as another personal trainer. 🙂 They’re based in the Marriott Hotel in the centre if Glasgow.

See their website below or find Kaizen on Facebook and like their page.

Get Fit, Lose Weight, Feel Great!


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