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Chest, shoulders, back and HIIT gym workout

Based on my blog post for my ‘LIFT for 1, hold it, LOWER for 5’ weights workout, I did a good 45 minute weights session then 10 minutes of Bike HIIT. I tried heavier weights than normal and tried to … Continue reading

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Healthy Homemade Blueberry Gelato

I’ve done it. I’ve made a really tasty and heathy ice cream / gelato snack for after dinner, or whenever it’s hot. 🙂 Simple natural ingredients: Frozen berries Ice cubes Low fat Greek yoghurt Vanilla whey protein Water 1. Take … Continue reading

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New Smarter Science of Slim page

As you might have realised… I’ve been getting into the ‘Smarter Science of Slim’ recently and I’m really enjoying the idea of it and the benefits of it. I think the methods Jonathan Bailor prescribes may be truly life changing, … Continue reading

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My attempt to: Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Here goes… after the Horizon programme: Eat, Fast and Live Longer the other night, I’ve decided I’m going to give ‘intermittent fasting’ a try. ( here is a good review of the programme ). I’ve set up a page on … Continue reading

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