Taper and Recovery

This week has been a good recovery or taper week for me.

Monday was a bank holiday where I did not much more than walk and eat. 🙂

Tuesday I lay in in the morning and took Kaizen Runners at night.

Wednesday, another lie in and Metafit then Circuits.

Today, ANOTHER LIE IN (:-) ) and a great sleep with vivid dreams, and tonight a run and Metafit I think.

Tomorrow I have a half day at work so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, maybe a rest and fast day I think.

Saturday, not much, maybe a run or some gym work.

Sunday: The Great Scottish Run half marathon. 🙂

I’m itching to go to the gym to do my new workout plans, and itching to go for a run, but I’m taking some time out before the half on Sunday and before my two weeks of leave from work.

I can’t wait! (remember my blog might go a bit quiet, so sorry about that, I’m really looking forward to some time out from everything. )
Want to know more about what Tapering is:

Running less in the weeks prior to a race is scientifically proven to lead to better performances. Known as tapering, this period of decreased training allows your mind and body time to recover from months of hard training so they are in prime condition come race-day.’ Runnersworld

See here: Runners World 60 second guide to tapering…  (I’ve got a cheek tapering as I haven’t really been doing much ‘hard’ training…but it’ll be good for me to take the time out._

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