Tuesday Thoughts 28/08/12

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted and also a while since I’ve posted about my thoughts… so I thought I’d post my Tuesday Thoughts. I’m away on holiday next week – I finish up on Friday afternoon (31st) for almost two and a half weeks. And am away to Lake Garda in Italy for 10 days of it.

Here’s some of the things in my mind just now:

Things have been pretty busy for me over the last 6 months or so, setting up my Running Coaching and working a full time job (I started a new full time job three weeks ago), along with my part time role of Swimming Teaching… I’ve been a tad bit busy. I’ve been trying to focus on helping others, rather than having my own goals and it seems to be working.

I’ve been taking Kaizen Runners for almost 12 weeks and it’s been really good. I’ve taken between 8-12 people from non runners to being runners able to run 10k. Most of them have signed up for the Great Scottish Run 10k on Sunday the 2nd and I’m sure they’ll do well. They’ve come so far and they’ve been a really good group to work with. The guys at Kaizen Active have been great too – Gordon and David really know their stuff and it’s been good to get to know them and their ways.

If you’re interested in joining Kaizen Runners, go here on the Kaizen Active website and find out how to sign up. 🙂

Two week ago I started fasting for part of one day a week. Last week I fasted for the second week in a row and I can already feel a difference. On Thursday 23rd Aug I ate a little less than normal (no porridge: a protein shake and snack and lunch) until 2pm, then didn’t eat again until 8am the next day. I drank plenty of water and drank green tea, and actually surprised myself about how easy it was.

I’m fasting 1 day out of 7. On the fast day (my rest day) I’m eating more or less normally, with reduced carbs for 6 hours, then fasting for 18 hours. Then on the feast days I’m eating what I want but trying to be healthy and eat high quality foods. (1/6 : 6:18)

The hunger pangs came on at about 5pm, but after a while they disappeared and I felt ok. The good thing about it is that when you do eventually get to eat, you really appreciate your food and think about what you’re putting in. I’m looking to get the most nutrition out of my food and trying not to eat crap or easy foods (ie Mars bars).

The only negative thing for me I’ve found is that my blood pressure seems to be going down… a few weeks ago it was normal to low at 108/63… now it’s around 98/58. Lowering of blood pressure would usually be a good thing for most people… but the lower mine gets the closer it’s getting to being too low . I’ve noticed a few times teaching swimming on the hot poolside when I stand up whilst teaching, I feel slightly dizzy, which isn’t the best. A fainting swimming teaching would not do!! So I’ll keep an eye on that, and if it reduces or stays below 100/60 I think I’ll be best to stop fasting or only do it one day out of 14 or 28 instead of 1 day out of 7.

See here for more info on my fasting, and here for an article in the Telegraph from Michael Mosley on the benefits of Fasting.

As you probably guessed, I’m really interested in the ideas Jonathon Bailor (the Author of Smarter Science of Slim) has. He has 10 podcasts out, his book, his website, his facebook page…. and it’s all good stuff. I really think it’s the key to eating healthily and being healthy (and slim!). I don’t really agree with ihs 20 minutes of exercise a week, but it does go along the idea of doing high intesnity work instead of spending hours working out…so that’ll probably be good news to some people. 😉 See here for more info on the Smarter Science of Slim.

I’m kind of winding down this week… I’ve been busy running coaching three times a week (6-8 miles each time)… I’ve been doing maybe one extra run with friends a week, and I’ve been doing two of my own strength workouts and some circuits and metafit each week. I’ve also dabbled with some HIIT sessions on the bike.

Now I’m thinking I need a change in the strength side of things. I like the metafit and circuits, but I think it’s time I mixed up my gym / strength sessions. I’d like to see if I can burn off some body fat – not so much to lose weight, but to reduce my current body fat from 20% to 18% or below…. and I think I know the key: High intensity workouts. The horrible workouts that you (I) dread. The workouts you do in a short period of time where you push yourself hard and recover in short bursts.

I used to do hard intense workouts as part of my Crazy Intense Circuits... the type of workouts where you do short bursts of intense exercise with short periods of rest between. I usually used 30 seconds work and between 6-15 seconds rest. And now i want to mix my weights workout and my timed intense workouts and get an efficient workout where I work hard and shock my body into hormonal changes and body fat burn.

I was originally inspired to do to tabata type training after reading Cardio Strength Training and Power Training by Robert Dos Remedios way back and I’m coming back to the idea to make my workouts really worthwhile. These kind of workouts are finally taking off with Metafit, Metabolic Training, Functional Training Circuits and Burst workouts in the general arena now with lots of people jumping to do it (no pun intended)…

I’ll do a post on why it’s good to do increased intensity exercise or ‘burst’ workouts, but in the meantime here are a link which will give you a bit of background:

1 minute of exercise delivers fat loss

I’ve still to get a plan together but my ‘Body Shock Power Workouts‘ will consist of the following high intensity work
(45 mins to an hour in total):

Warm up: 5 mins
Strength & Plyometrics: 9 – 36 mins
Bike HIIT or Abs & Plyo circuits: 6 – 15 mins
24s to finish me off.

Cardio warm up on bike / skipping or dynamic exercises
Easy 5 mins,warming up the muscles

Strength & Plyometrics:
Circuits of 4 exercises, timed 30 secs work: 15 secs rest, repeated 3 times.
1. Plyometrics
2. Push exercises with weights
3. Pull exercises with weights
4. Legs

Each set should take around 9 minutes to complete… 1-4 sets per workout (9-36 minutes)

(6 mins, 9 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins)
Short warm up followed by repeats of 40:20 work:rest or 60:40:20, and short cool down.

Abs or Plyometrics Circuits
Circuits of 4, 6 or 8 exercises, timed 30 secs work: 6 secs rest, repeated 3 times.
(8, 11 or 15 minutes)

For when I’ve got some energy left and really want to finish myself off.
Circuits of 24 reps of particular big muscle group exercises (usually on machines or with weights).
Repeated as many times as I can until I can no longer do them.

I think that’ll do for just now…except for….

> I’m also using my Nike Fuel Band (and loving it by the way – it’s a brilliant motivational tool!)

> I’m experimenting with what and when I’m eating food (I had some gorgeous strawberries, blackberries and melon, with low fat greek yoghurt, shoved in the freezer for half an hour for a dessert!).

> And I’m experimenting with smoothies and trying to get a really good tasting smoothie using protein powder, milk, fruit and spinach.

> And I’m really looking forward to seeing the Kaizen Runners run their first 10k in the Great Scottish Run and for me to run the GSR half marathon with my good friend Pauline (who is raising money for CHAS – you can sponsor her here if you want.…) 🙂 Here’s a good google map of the two runs,and if you’re on Facebook, why not like the Great Scottish Run Facebook page, and my Lorn Pearson Trains page too? 🙂 See here for a Facebook post with lots of helpful links in it re the GSR.

I think that’s enough thoughts for just now…. don’t you? 🙂

I can’t wait to get on holiday and do nothing!! (except for sun bathe, cycle , eat italian food and see things!)

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