Guest Post: Cancer Survivors and Exercise : by David Haas

I was recently contacted by a guy from New York called David Haas. He was asking if I would consider having a guest post on my blog which promoted how good exercise is for Cancer survivors.   😉

I’ve had friends diagnosed with (and survive) Cancer, and in the past I’ve raised money for Leukemia Care in 2010, and Breast Cancer Care in 2011 when I ran the Lochaber Marathon.

So I’m keen to help to get any message which might promote improved health or recovery after Cancer strikes, out there. 🙂  When I got the email from David, I jumped at the chance. 😀

Who is David Haas?

David Hass is a Family Hospitality coordinator and writer and researcher for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance based in New York.

In the last 2 years, David has been researching and writing about how beneficial cancer support networks and staying physically fit is to people going through cancer treatments, in remission, and even for family members of cancer patients.

David believes that this is an important message to get out there and felt that my blog, Lorn Pearson Trains would be a good way to get it out there.  Here is his bio and contact information. 🙂

Here’s David’s guest post:

Cancer Survivors and Exercise: by David Haas
In the 21st century, medical science has seen a great deal of improvements as doctors and medical scientists have been able to find the cure for many deadly diseases.
In this era of modern medical science, even diseases like cancer can be cured, if diagnosed on time. Many people around the world have been successfully cured of their cancer; however, there is always a threat of the disease resurfacing. Hence, cancer survivors should follow a lifestyle which will prevent them from any future meeting with this potentially fatal disease.Avoiding inactivity is the message that has been passed on by cancer researchers to cancer patients as well as cancer survivors.
A panel constituted by the American College of Sports Medicine found that cancer survivors can benefit from a wide range of exercise. They have stated that after years of studying cancer survivors and cancer patients, the survivors who had an active life, engaged in exercises and other physical activities were better equipped to fight the possibility of recurrence of cancer.In their published journal, they have shown how all kinds of cancer survivors, starting from survivors of breast cancer to mesothelioma, have improved their quality of life and life expectancy through exercising.
However, the panel suggests that cancer survivors should only indulge in moderate exercise and should avoid extreme bodybuilding, as it could have adverse effects on their body.  
Physical activities like swimming, playing sports and walking have the maximum benefits to cancer survivors. Furthermore increasing overall daily activity levels (walking and taking the stairs instead of the life or esclators) are some of the simple but important activities that can be useful for cancer survivors.
Those who want to involve in any serious physical activity, and exercise should consult their GP and find out if those activities will cause them any harm. 
Remember that no decisions about exercise should be taken without consulting their GP. Talk to your doctor and find the best workout routine that suits the needs of you and your disease and enjoy the benefits physical activity has to offer.
If you are a cancer survivor, it is important understand exercise can be your companion in your fight against cancer. 😀

Further Resources:

You can find information about how to start training in sections on this blog, and further information about how exercise can benefit Cancer survivors below:

Physical Activity and Cancer : National Cancer Institute

Exercise for Cancer Patients : Fitness after Treatment

Cancer bulletin June 29, 2010 : National Cancer Institute

And finally, anyone thinking of starting up an exercise routine after being diagnosed with any illness, should consult with their doctor first.

So if you, or anyone you know has recently been diagnosed with Cancer, or has recently had the ‘all clear’ from the disease, please share this post with them or on social network sites to spread the word. 🙂

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