Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Think of a giraffe and smile :-)

A very lovely and wise woman once said to me: Whenever times are hard, just think of a giraffe and how funny they look, and laugh. 😉 The woman was a friend of my Dad’s when I was younger. A … Continue reading

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Simple Treadmill Hill Run

When you run on hills outside, you usually slow down going up the hills and speed up going on flats (after uphills) or on downhills. On downhills it’s good to try to relax and let gravity and freedom help you … Continue reading

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Wk10 Training: overflowing glasses

This week has been a little different to others for me. I’m still feeling good about myself, my training and my life in general. Ive also noticed with some of the blog posts I’ve been doing, and just the way … Continue reading

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