Thursday Thoughts

After my run this morning, I had quite few thoughts for Thursday.

1.     It seems that Spring has finally sprung!

I haven’t run in the morning for over two weeks (due to my cold and forced rest)… and this morning when I left the flat at 625am, I was surprised to see a glimmer of daylight and the start of a sunrise over in the East.  🙂

And by 6:45am, 10 minutes into our run, along Mosspark Boulevard beside Bellahouston Park, it was daylight!  🙂 Woohoo!

It was 8’C and light as we were running in the morning before work!  Running 5 miles together with my running partner as the sun came up, and helping her to get a PB was brilliant!

Spring might just have finally sprung!  We even noticed a few snow drops growing beside the West Highland Way path on Saturday on our walk, and before long no doubt there will be daffodils sprouting and Lambies in the fields (outside of Glasgow)!!  Brilliant!  🙂


Good riddance dirty, dark, wet, cold,smelly Winter and hello Spring!

And as if to confirm that Spring is here, here’s the picture we turned over to on Asda and Jasper’s Calendar for March today:  Baby chicks in Chicago.  Awww!!

And, finally as if the morning couldn’t get any better:

I love an early morning 5 mile run as the sun comes up and the birds start to sign.  Especially when I get home just in time to say hello and goodbye to my gf on her way to work. 🙂

2.     Jog Scotland / Glasgow Running Network Coaching opportunity

My friend  and running partner Gill works part time at Bellahouston Leisure Centre and part time for the Glasgow Running Network.

The Glasgow Running Network (here’s their Facebook page) is  part of Glasgow Sport (City Council).

It has lots of courses for beginner and intermediate runners to go on.  Runners sign up to a coaching session or blocks of coaching sessions, and Running Coaches lead the sessions, providing support, routes and motivation.

The coaching side of the Running Network is something I might be interested in, but as I’m so busy (with two jobs and all of my training – I’m not complaining mind!)… if I did sign up to be a Coach I would only really be able to do it very part time and on my terms / timescales.

Perhaps an option would be to pick and choose sessions to provide cover for as opposed to leading specific sessions where a weekly commitment is needs.

Gill has offered to get me an opportunity to train to be a Running Network Coach if I want, so I might consider it after April when I’ve got the Highland Fling and high training ours out of the way.

One of my friends is a coach with the Running Network and it might be a possible viable option for me to run, help others and earn a bit of cash along the way.

Who knows?  🙂

3.     Hill Run Route Map

This week I had planned a Hill Session, in fact I was going to do it tonight, but I’ve to stay late at work instead and might do it next week instead.  Here’s the route:

Map (warm up cool down)

Map (hill reps)

  • Run 2.3 miles to Dumbarton Road / Gardner Street.
  • Run 3 repeats of 2km hill reps: up the rather steep Gardner Street, along then down Hyndland Street, and back up and return to the bottom of Gardner St again.
  • Run 2.3 miles home.

It should be about 8.3 miles or just over an hour I think, maybe a little shorter if I run it from work (the BBC).  Maybe one for next week. 🙂 

4.     My Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page

The other day I set up a Facebook page called Lorn Pearson Trains.  It is linked to this blog, so will automatically publish any blog posts I do, to Facebook.

I’ve noticed that I use Facebook (in this order) mainly to:

  1. Communicate my training activity, be it status updates (I ran this, I did that…), Garmin links or photo sets of where I’ve been when I train.
  2. Publicise my blog and some of the posts I think others / my Facebook friends might be interested in:
    ie: Generic training plans, Health, Weight loss, Thoughts, News stories, TV programmes etc.
  3. Keep in touch with friends who are scattered all over the world and keep up to date with how they’re getting on.
  4. Communicate with my friends and let them know what I’m up to in my life (holidays, getting money off things, thoughts)

I’ve had a few people tell me that they find my posts about my own training to be inspirational to them, and that in some occasions I’ve helped motivate them to get active.  It’s always nice to hear that.  I’ve also used Facebook to get ideas for blog posts and answer questions friends have.

I’ve not had anyone tell me they hate my constant bombardment of Facebook with all of my activities and training! (But I guess they’d just probably hide or delete(!) me if I bothered them that much).

Anyway, last week I set up my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page and spent a bit of time last night updating it, sharing it with friends and publicising it.

On the Facebook pages you can post updates and photos by email, ask questions of the people who like the page, and add Milestones on your Timeline.

I added a few Milestones last night:

Events: Lochaber Marathon April 2011, Chicago Half Marathon 2011.

My Weight Loss journey since June 2008: with bikini photos (!!) of me and links to my blog for:

  • June 2008 when I was 147lbs, (Cyprus)
  • May 2010 when I reached my initial goal weight of 135 lbs, (Lanzarote)
  • May 2011 when I got to 124lbs, a weight I’m very comfortable and happy at (Portugal).

I’ll do a separate blog page about my weight loss progress (as I’m pretty damn proud of it!) including the pictures and stats later…

But in the meantime, if you want to see more about it, why not click on Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page, and ‘Like’ the page for updates to your Facebook Newsfeed? 😀

(Or this link might take you to an album I made on it about my weight loss journey.)

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