Wk9 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

Thursday morning and I met Gill at 6:30am for our 5 mile run from Bellahouston around Pollokshields. 

I hadn’t had a lot of sleep last night as I was up late playing around setting up my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page.  I got 3.5 hours sleep, but felt ok when I woke up at 6am, and haven’t even had an afternoon slump or dip I thought I might get due to lack of sleep. 

Perhaps I’m back to normal after my cold, or over energised now(?!)  : (I got engrossed in report writing at work and didn’t have anything to eat between 11am – 4pm… but didn’t even feel hungry – how odd). 

Anyway, back to this morning.  When I left the flat it was around 8’C and I could see it was attempting to get light in the East. 🙂

Woohoo…. Spring might be just around the corner. 🙂  I’m going to write more about that in my Thursday thoughts today.

We tried Gill on her second speed workout, which is as follows:

Warm up run: 10 minutes.
Speed Intervals: 15 x 1 minute fast: 1 minute recover.
Cool down run: 5 minutes.

The last time we did it over two weeks ago, Gill managed to get a PB for the 5 mile route (44:48) after months of trying to just run the distance and increase her pace / times).

It was hard work for her but resulted in a PB and she felt really good about it, even though she recovered on one of the fast intervals in the middle of the run.

Today’s run went slightly off plan when I stopped my Garmin in the warm up phase and forgot to restart it. 

It meant we missed about 7 minutes, and meant we warmed up for about 15 minutes instead of 10.  It was 6:50am and it was light.  What a great feeling to be running in as the sun comes up in the morning!

On our 7th interval, Gill felt like she needed to stop/slow down (or be sick!!) so we recovered and walked for a bit, then when she was ready, we picked up again on the 8th interval.  After that she powered on through and was careful not to push it too much.

At the end, I stopped my watch and (because I’d stopped it) my Garmin showed we’d covered 4.7 miles in just around 38 minutes.  I clocked when we finished (7:18) and checked when we started (6:34) so figured she’d maybe got another PB and definitely run the 5 miles in under 45 minutes.  By the time I got to my car it was full daylight and I was pleased to have got a good run in before work.

When I got home I checked Garmin Connect and worked out that we’d run 5 miles in 44:32, ANOTHER PB by 18 seconds for Gill!  It just shows me that Speedwork works!!

Once again it was a nice steady aerobic workout for me.  It’s a really good feeling being able to help, push and motivate Gill to acheive her goals.  

Now that the mornings are betting lighter, perhaps it’s time to go back to our old 5 mile route through Pollok Park again. 😉

Run: 5M, 44:32, Pace: 8:54, Calories: 400
Ave HR:  149 (78%), Max HR: 163 (86%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.5

Here’s the salad I made in the morning to take to my work for lunch: lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, ham, cashew nuts, balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing (which I didn’t eat until 4pm! :-O, but it was still tasty!)

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