Pink pink to make you wink!!

There was a time when I would definitely never be seen in pink. Absolutely nothing I owned was pink for some unknown reason.

Then in June 2009 some nice person got me a lovely bright pink Nike running t shirt for my birthday, and I’ve never looked back!!

This morning I noticed, and was slightly overcome by the distinct hint of how pink the stuff on my clothes horse was.

Pink t shirts, socks, pants, pjs! Even pink slippers at the foot of the horse (and I’ve got a rather fluffy purple dressing gown too!)

Come to think of it, I have lots of other pink clothes that I wear almost daily: There’s my purpley pink North Face waterproof jacket, my purpley pink North Face body warmer and my favourite purpley pink North Face fleece!

Hell, I even have a bright pink water bottle! 😉

(In fact, I think I may have a pink problem??! :-S)

As well as seeing all the pink clothes on my clothes horse, this blog post has also been inspired by my sister Beth and her work she’s been doing in her Luscious Little Somethings business.

She’s using her rather clever self set up and successful business, blog and Facebook page to raise money for breast cancer!

I’ll post the link to her blog / website and charity idea tomorrow (or Beth you could post a comment with some links if you get this? x x )

Then if you as a reader of my blog have enjoyed my posts and fancy taking a look at her blog / Facebook page, or want to sponsor her for this very worthy cause, please do x


What about you? Do you like or wear pink? And if not? Why not??!!! 😉 …

…or do you have another colour which you seem to be drawn to and have lots of it in your life?

Night night, sweet pink or multi colour dreams everyone x 😉


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5 Responses to Pink pink to make you wink!!

  1. Yes post a link or a whole blog post lol, use any of my images you want. I love pink so long as it is BRIGHT! During March at Luscious Little Somethings is ALL about pink. Well all about raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer Care.

  2. comrades2012 says:

    I think you have a North Face problem ?! :-S and pink on your avatar/pic thingy

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