Wk2 – Lower Weights

Thursday morning and I was up early to go to the gym.  I was dreading how busy it might be, but luckily at half 6 in the morning, not many people want to visit the gym. 😉 


I wanted to test out the refurbished gym and see if it had the stuff I needed in it.  It certainly looks nice, nice and freshly painted walls, cardio machines using the space well, but there seem to be limited mat space …  which might be a little annoying. I’ll just need to provide feedback if it’s not up to scratch.  😉

 I went on the treadmill for 5 minutes to warm up, 1km, got my heart rate up and my body warmed up before weights.

First things first, I wanted to use the Vipers, and there were none.  Apparently, there was no room for them (even though the gym is 40% bigger now)… oh well.  Lucky for me there are now two Smith Press machines, so I used one and a guy used the other.   

It was my first time really using the Smith machine so I started out conservatively. If I use it again I’ll try and increase the weight so it’s more of a challenge.

Here’s what I did:

Warm up: 5 minutes
Run: 1km

Lower Weights: 35 minutes

Squat (Smith Machine): 1 x 8: 20kg, 1 x 8: 25kg, 2 x 8: 30kg
Lunges(Smith Machine): 2 x 8: 20kg, 2 x 8: 25kg, 4 x 8: 30kg

Step up with weights: 3 x 10: 24kg (2 x 12kg dumbbells)
Single Leg Deadlift: 6 x 8: 24kg (2 x 12kg dumbbells)

Romanian Deadlift: 6 x 8: 24kg (2 x 12kg dumbbells)
Shrugs: 6 x 8: 24kg (2 x 12kg dumbbells) 

Leg Press: 2 x 8: 200lbs, 1 x 8: 220lbs
Calf Press: 2 x 8: 200lbs, 1 x 8: 220lbs

Leg Extension: 3 x 8: 110lbs
Lying Leg Extension: 3 x 10 (gym ball)

Plyometric Circuit: 20 minutes,
9 exercises, 30 secs work: 6 secs rest, repeated 3 times.

Press Ups
Power Jumps
Mountain Climbers
T Kicks
High Knees
V Sit Ups
C Sit up moving arms
C Sit up Flutter Kick
C Sit up Scissors

The last four exercises in the circuit were killers, and I had to stop quite a few times… arg… hard work.  I must try and get better at them.

The weights session went well, although I had to move the 12kg dumbbells over to where the step and mats were.  They’ve got 3 different sections for weights… and all of the big (+10kg) weights are in one section with a whole pile of mats and benches.  The testosterone zone I call it.  😉  The layout of the gym could definitely be better, but at least it was quiet enough this morning. 

I worked hard anyway, and at one point was dripping with sweat! :-O (Perhaps to do with the swim last night… my hot and cold doesn’t quite know what’s happening the day after a swim for some reason).

Lower Weights (week 6): 1 hour, 350 calories.
Ave HR: 127, Max HR: 167. Garmin Training Effect: 2.1

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