Is running bad for your knees?

In the last wee while a few people who know I run and train as much as I do have said to me…. ‘but what about your knees in 20 years time? What happens when your knees give way because of all that pavement pounding? It can’t be good for you.’

Running is something which has become a part of me. A habit, and I enjoy it immensely. I love the challenge of running.
Running slow and taking in all the sights.
Running faster and getting a PB.
Running further than I have done before.
Running with others and the social side of running.
Helping others run.

Last night when someone asked me about my knees, I turned it on them and their weekly alcohol consumption – stick with me here. 😛 I’d never question someone who drinks and say to them… Why do you do it? What about your liver? What about the short term hangover effects? Or the long term damage you might be doing? I know they enjoy it, that drinking is a part of their lives, and don’t question them for doing it. This is despite me (and them) knowing it’s bad for them.

They enjoy it, they want to do it, so let them do it. Each to their own and I won’t question them about it. 🙂

I tried to explain last night that the benefits of running, far outweigh any possible issues I might have with my knees, and a quick google search backs this up… I run because I can and because I like it. in 20 years time IF my knees have to be replaced, then so be it. I enjoy it, so I’m going to keep doing it for as long as I can.

I can bet you one thing, running is healthier than drinking and smoking that’s for sure! 😛

Here are the top three google results: for ‘benefits of running and being bad for your knees’

Why Running is good for your joints

Is Running Bad for Your Knees? Maybe Not

Is Running bad for your knees?

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