Wk38 – 6M in the pouring rain with Jackie

Saturday morning and I was teaching swimming again from 8 til 10 then I’d arranged to run with Jackie from just after 10am. The weather was meant to be drizzly and about 14’C. They got the temperature right, but it was pouring heavily by the time I got out to meet Jackie.

I was wearing my short shorts, and my new t-shirt (below – says it all for the run). I was tempted to wear my windproof / shower proof white jacket, but once I noticed how heavy the rain was (and the fact that Jackie wasn’t wearing a jacket) I decided I’d brave it. I put my white gore cap on to keep the rain out of my eyes (which was a god send by the way).

This t-shirt says it all… by the end of the run it was soaked through and almost see through. The rain was relentless from as soon as we started. We did our usual route, from Bella into Pollok Park, around a wee loop, past the cows and out along the river towards Corkerhill Road.

As usual Jackie was in great form and we quickly settled into our stride. Jackie is always able to run at a nice steady pace throughout her runs. We did nice steady 9:13 minute miles and had good chat along the way.

As we went into Pollok Park the rain kept pouring down and we had to go through our first large puddle. Jackie led the way, skipping and running through the puddle. I followed, and tried ever so hard not to get my feet wet. I succeeded sort of, but I don’t know why I tried because by the end of the run, I needn’t have bothered. By the 3 mile mark I’d gone through so many puddles my feet were soaked through. 🙂

It was great fun!! By the time we were about to veer off towards Corkerhill Road Jackie suggested we best not go that way incase the river had overflowed, but I was so soaked through, I didn’t mind if I had to wade through a foot of water. I turned out the river was quite low and it hadn’t overflowed so we carried along our route.

By the end of the run we were purposely running through the puddles and having a brilliant time. lol

My hat was doing a great job of keeping the rain out of my eyes, but after half an hour in the pouring rain my t-shirt and shorts were soaked through. I’d worn my knee support again and it did a good job of keeping my knee warm and prevent any pain or niggle turning up.

We had a great run in the rain – love it love it love it!! When we got back to Bella I was glad that I’d taken a change of clothes and went and changed to stop me getting cold.

Run: 6 miles, 55:42, Pace: 9:13, Calories: 469.
Ave HR: 144 (76%). Max HR: 174 (92%). Garmin Training Effect: 2.7

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