Loch Ness Marathon elevation & more

Today I did my last run before the Loch Ness Marathon – a nice wee 8 miles in the Southside, over to Pollok Park and into Maxwell Park and home. I was running on my own, up early, running as the sun came up.

(The run included a 3 minute stop – where I forgot to stop my watch – in Pollok park dropping an elephant for my Granny’s 101st birthday).

The Loch Ness marathon is on Sunday, so 3 sleeps to go. On my run today, I had my music on – (first time going from my new Apple Watch to my Bluetooth treks titanium headphones) – but I was thinking about Sunday and how it’ll go.

Most of the run I was comparing it to how I’ll be feeling on Sunday, and how I felt last year. I ran the marathon with Fit Girl last year, her first marathon … and she did great.

I was and am very proud of her for her determination and drove to finish it and do so well with a 3:57 finish time (even with knee pain). Here’s the route and all the stats from last year: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/911311886

This year, I feel like my training hasn’t been as consistent, with life or work taking over in some way. I’ve taken a week and a long run off here, and my heart has maybe not really been in it as much as it has been before. I’m not sure why, but I’m feeling up for the marathon now that I am where I am.

My VO2 Max estimate shows as 51 (an estimate of how my body uses oxygen), and it’s been higher than that, but it’s all good. I know I’ll still be able to do it.

I ran 8 miles today and I just need to run just over 3 times that distance on Sunday. 26.2 miles.

Earlier in the week I re read this post I wrote (below) around 3 years ago when I ran my marathon pb – 26.2 miles around Glasgow, on my own, absolutely flying. I know what I can do and I know what I want to do.

A nice reminder for me, of how it feels to run a good marathon: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2013/09/25/the-best-marathon-of-my-life/ if you’re running, remember your cape and tie it in tight.

The whole event was well organised and it was nice to run in familiar inverness, along a very pretty stretch of road along the south side of Loch Ness. The early start and the bus journey, and waiting in the cold for the start just built up the start and the good run even more.

Then from the start we were nicely treated to what felt like 10 miles of downhill… (it maybe wasn’t ALL down hill, but I remember it that way).

After we finished, I vowed to run the marathon on my own. And this year I plan to run to my heart rate as usual. I’ll be all kitted up with my water pack, and my caffeine gels – and all my gadgets, headphones, Apple Watch for music, Garmin, hrm. I’ll pack on Friday night, and we’ll travel up on Saturday, back Monday.

The weather looks ok on Sunday, after a rather rainy Saturday, the wind might even be behind us all the way?? Which would be good!

On the run I’ll let go and try to keep my HR between 150-160 for the first half, then up to 160-165 up to mile 20 (remembering the two big up hills in the 18-22 mile region) then see what I have left for the last 10k. I honestly have no idea what my time will be, but hopefully the wind, the route and my cape will keep me on track. Getting excited now. 🙂

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