Wk4 – 5M Queens Park easy

Friday morning, my last run of the week was to be an easy 5 mile run.  I decided I’d do the run I do up around Queens Park.  I usually try to run it fast, so I thought it would be nice to not even think about my pace nad just run it and enjoy it.

So just before 6:45 I started my run.  I walked out and it seemed particularly warm.  I was wearing my new knee length Nike shorts I got, a tshirt, long sleeved top and my buff for my ears.  But it seems strangley warm.  Then on the run, I realised it wasn’t actually that warm, my hands were a little cold, but it was a pleasant cold.  Keeping me cool on the run.

As soon as I started I reminded myself that this wasn’t a fast run, it was an easy run.  I eased into a nice comfortable pace, and after one mile I was nicely surprised when I got an 8:30 minute mile.  🙂  I kept the comfortable pace up and just kept going.

Across to Pollockshaws Road, up to Shawlands, up the wee hill around Queens Park and down Vicotria Road.  It was pretty quiet – not many people or cars about, but it seemed, loads and loads of buses!  I run past a bus depot on the route and there are always buses coming and going.  And I even managed to pass a nice bus driver who was waiting, smoking and got a horrible mouthful of exhaled smoke off him as I passed him. >:-/  Grrrr.

My nike plus was set for 45 minutes and when I turned the corner to go back along the street to my flat I realised when my ipod told me I had 10 minutes to go, that this supposedly ‘easy’ run, was actually going to turn out to be a pretty good fast run.  🙂  I pushed the pace on the last wee stretch and managed to push my heart rate to its max.

I ended the run just under 41 minutes, one of the fastest times I’ve done that route.  Maybe there’s a lot to be said for just running every now and again instead of planning speed/tempo/hills etc. Back at the flat, I got the following splits for the miles (and a pic of me once I’d finished!):

Run: 5.02 miles, 40:48, Pace: 8:02 (7.5mph),  Calories: 526
Ave HR: 156 (82%), Max HR: 190 (100%)
340 mile challenge: 73.4 miles completed, 266.5 miles to go.

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