Wk41 – 5.1M run Queens Park attempt at tempo run

This morning I managed to drag myself out of bed to go for a 5 mile run up to Queens Park and back.  A nice route I’ve been doing for a while now…slightly up hill for 2.5 miles, then downhill for 2.5 miles.

I was going to do this run on Wednesday, morning – a tempo run where I was going to warm up for 1 mile, then run fast (7.7mph) for 3-4 miles.  I opted to stay in bed on Wednesday morning, and decided this morning was the only chance I could catch up with completing the run.

I felt quite tired and a little dehyrdrated after my activities last night, but still managed to get up.  Think I need to incraese the water intake or mix it with lucozade so I’m drinking 2 pints after swimming again. 

This morning I decided I would try to run fast, but if I couldn’t I would just do with an easy 5 mile run.  It ended up ok – quite good really.   Started off slow and increased my mph each mile as it went on.  It was dark when I left about 6:45am and it didn’t really get light much up to when I got home. 

I was warm running, a side effect of the swim the night before I think.  Probably not a lot to so with the t shirt and long sleeved top I had on.  I was wearing shorts and a buff to keep my ears warm and my white long sleeved top had the little light on it again.

I ran the first mile at about 8:47, a little slower than normal, but picked the pace up each mile after that which was ok.

Mile Time Distance Pace mph
00:08:46 1 08:46 6.8
2 00:08:37 1 08:37 7.0
3 00:08:14 1 08:14 7.3
4 00:08:09 1 08:09 7.4
5 00:07:56 1 07:56 7.6
6 00:00:48 0.11 07:32 8.0
  00:42:09 5.11 08:15 7.3

RUN: 5.11M, 42:09, 8:15, 551 Calories.
Ave HR: 159 (84%), Max HR: 174 (92%).

Oh and my plan said I was to aim for 7:47 min miles (7.7mph)… 7.3mph is ok for me today especially as I increased my speed with each mile. 😀

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