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Wk42 – Weight

Forgot to post this on Wednesday: 9st 5, BMI: 21.1, Body fat: 22.5%, Body water: 56.5% Blood Pressure: 105/67, Resting HR: 47. 😀

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Wk42 – Run, Weights, Cycle, no Swim (forgot swim costume)

So… tonight I got my haircut after work… my old hairdresser is back after a year off for having a baby.  So I took the opportunity to go for a bit of a change … shorter and choppy I asked … Continue reading

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Wk42 – 6.2M Tempo (Nithsdale)

Thursday morning and I managed to drag myself out of bed to get out for about 6:40am.  As usual, it was dark but not as cold as it had been on previous mornings (apparently the wind is coming from the … Continue reading

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Wk42 – 4M easy run in the cold rain (Wed)

Wednesday night after work I went for a run with my friend, around the bridges of the Clyde again. It was spitting (cold rain) as I walked home and by the time we got out at 17:40 it had started to … Continue reading

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Wk42 – Spinfit (Tues)

Tuesday night was spinfit x 2… as usual Helen was crazy (especially by the second class)…think the endorphins hit us after about 30-40 mins. It was a hard workout…but Helen managed to make me laugh so much at one point … Continue reading

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