Wk41 – 16.5M long run (longest yet!)

On Saturday morning I agreed to teach swimming for a nice short two hours from 8-10 then I met my good running buddy Jackie just after. My plan was to runaround 16 miles , running about 8 with Jackie and the rest myself.  We started off at Bella and along Paisley Road West through Rosshall park and back to Bella.

It ended up I ran about 8.5M with Jackie then ran her the mile back to her house.  I didn’t take any water with me on the run (had plenty in the car)… so thirsty, I drank about a pint and a half at Jackie’s before heading off again.  Another mile back to Bellahouston and I did the loop de loop into and around Pollock Park.

On the first part with Jackie, we were running a pleasant 9 minute miles roughly, then on the part on my own it was about 8:30 – 8:45 min miles (about 7mph).

I felt fine up to about 15 miles when I started to feel it a little in my knee, just repetitive movement, but I was good.  And I managed to pace myself well after running the first 8.5 miles with Jackie.  I took some sports beans with caffeine in them and ate them as we went round (and I’d had porridge at 7am) but by about 13 miles in I was hearing my belly groan with little pangs of hunger. More fuel needed on long runs. 🙂 And I think I’ll always wear my hydration pack too (I left it in the car as I didn’t think I’d need it over the first half).

My average HR was 149 (78%) and max was 166 (87%) and you can see a clear difference between the first half and the next. 🙂

After the run I stretched well, drank a Lucozade light, ate some cashew nuts and 500mls of water.  I put another layer on my top, and drove home with the heaters on my feet. Had a shower shortly after.  When I got out of the shower I had blue lips though… one thing I need to be careful of – keeping warm after long runs like that.  I think I did everything right.

And I didn’t need a nap later!! (Or at least I didn’t take one!).  We went out for an early dinner (5pm) at the Korean restaurant Shilla on Argyll Street.  Which reminds me! I have left over Teriyaki Chicken for lunch. Yum.

The only side effects I really felt was a sore back, in the middle and at the top.  I think this is from me not having done resistance training (weights) since early September.  I think I’ll start again in November, keep all my muscles strong to support my long runs.

Very pleased with my efforts yesterday anyway – and learning more and more the further I run. 🙂

Wk41 -16.5M Long

RUN: 16.5 M, 2:27:54, (8:57, 8:35 on own, 9:16 wi Jackie), Calories: 1,759
Ave HR: 149 (78%), Max HR:  166 (87%)
262 Mile challenge: 235.9 – 16.5 = 219.4

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