Wk41 – Swim Session 4 then bike

On Thursday night I went to Tollcross – I did Swim Session 4, but this time the 50m pool was split into 2 x 25m pools. So I swam width ways across it (25m across). There were only about 6 people in the tank I was in… ideal. Although I’m sure the pool tasted of liquorish again! Odd.

My plan was to cycle and run as well, but with the centre closing at 9pm, I just managed a swim and a cycle.

Swim Session 4, 2,200m, 44:04, Calories: 460
Ave HR: 134 (71%), Max HR: 148 (78%), Min HR: 74
4 x 100m FC various: 7:14 (20)
200m FC kick / 200m BC kick: 4:55, (13), 5:12 (38)
6 x 75m FC / 75m FC pull: 2:33, 2:40, 2:43, 2:43, 2:42, 2:43 (22) 6 x
50m FC / FC kick / FC pull: 6:01 (14)
100m BC kick: 2:43.

I was out of the pool around 8pm and went into the gym so that I could fit a 45 minute workout in. I used to cycle at the gym before, for an hour which burned plenty of calories – just another type of cardio to mix things about.

The cycle was hard work, and I was reading my book, which didn’t really aid concentration on my workout, but it was good to get the time to read anyway. I was aiming to cycle at above 80 rpm and kept it at that for most of it. A good place to start off as it should get easier next time. My cardio was fine throughout, I was just sweating profusely after the swim (not sure why that happens…)

CYCLE: Level 9, +75rpm – aiming for 80rpm, 45 mins.
11.75M (19k approx), 472 calories, Speed: 15.6mph.

Drinking water now to keep the dehydration at bay, then bed!

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