New Total Immersion 2,500m swim sessions

Inspired by Terry Laughlin’s, Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better, Faster and Easier I’ve got together a 2,500m swim session for myself.

Here’s a description of the book:

Even though swimming is the closest thing to a perfect exercise you can name, too few people experience its full benefits. That’s because most find themselves fighting to stay afloat, struggling for air, and feeling exhausted after just a lap or two, all of which makes this perfect exercise frustrating, laborious, and complicated.
For the past fifteen years, veteran swim coach Terry Laughlin has been teaching adults how to swim better – and enjoy it more – by using his simple and original techniques. Laughlin turns traditional swimming beliefs inside out as he explains that it’s technique – not athletic ability – that makes a strong swimmer.
Laughlin teaches ‘Fishlike Swimming,’ focusing on slipping through the water rather than using muscle to overpower it. The key is working with the water, not against it – learning to swim ever faster and farther without losing a sense of flow, grace, economy, and balance.

 I’ve read the book and it all seems to make sense, working at being more streamlined or fishlike in the water, rather than thrashing or using muscular power to get through it.  To develop a swimmer’s stroke, he promotes drill work instead of endless lengths and doesn’t use kickboards.

Some of the names of the drills are a bit tricky… skate, underskate, zipperskate, but I’ve read the descriptions a few times and checked You Tube for a good idea of how to do them so hopefully I’ll be ok when I get into the pool. to try them out.

I’m going to try it out and see how it goes. :-)   As usual I’ll print them out onto A4 then seal them into an A5 pollypocket and take it on poolside.  I’m sure no one else in the pool does this – but hey ho.

And once I get the hang of the drills myself, I’ll look forward to seeing how I can encorporate them into some of my swimming lessons I teach.

Here’s my Total Immersion 2,500m Sessions

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