Speedo Aquacoach Watch

I’m going to use my Speedo Aquacoach watch for the first time in the pool tonight.  The watch didn’t come with an instruction manual, you’re provided with a quick start guide on the inside of the box (so you have to take the box apart to read it).  And you are referred to www.speedo.com for the full user guide.

Here it is:  Speedo Aquacoach User Guide

 I’ve set the watch up, and had a wee play with it but it seems a little complicated so I think I need to go over the manual a bit before I try it in the pool.  

An important point is that if you’re doing drills (which I’ll be doing a lot of), you need to pause the workout or it will go onto standby (if it doesn’t notice movement from your arm, it goes into power save mode).

 As far as I can tell, these are the only functions I need to worry about during my swim:

And this is how you review your session once you’ve completed it:

Hopefully I get to grips with it tonight! 🙂 I’m doing my first of my Total Immersion swim sets (in my new swimming costume I got for Christmas) and I’m looking forward to it.

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