Gadgets to count swimming lengths…

As you might know I’ve been swimming a little more recently… in the hope that if I swim then I’ll still be working hard, but I won’t be over doing it in running or any other ‘weight bearing activity’. Hopefully it will leave my legs fresh when I want to run, and especially fresh when I want to run longer distances like I did on Saturday.

Another reason for me swimming is to keep Fit Girl company. She started swimming about a month ago, replacing any running, gym, spin or weight bearing activity she did with swimming in the aim to see if it helps her IT band heal. Fingers crossed it works for her. 🙂

She started off getting used to swimming in lanes and counting lengths, but struggled a little with the counting. Someone would put her off, or she’s forget how many she’d done. (Been there, done that – it can be so frustrating!) Fit Girl started off doing about 50 lengths in an hour, and now she’s up to between 90-92 in an hour. She’s doing really well. But she’s still getting annoyed when she loses count.

I suggested she swim her set in a structured fashion, ie – 4 lengths front crawl, 4 lengths breast stroke, repeat…so that if she was swimming front crawl she’d know roughly how many she was on… but she likes to mix things about. I even suggested (what I thought?! was) an easy to remember swim plan for 64 lengths, but understandably, she wants to do her own thing.

So…. I found this for her:

A lap counter! (From Ebay: Finger Tally Counter – Lap Track Run Swim – RRP £10)

It’s not very sophisticated… it doesn’t count the lengths automatically like some (Speedo or Swimovate Pool mate) watches can, and it probably won’t last as long as one of them, but it’s good for keeping a tally of the lengths.

Each time you do a length you touch the big blue button and it counts the length for you. It’s pretty reasonable at just over a tenner including postage and it was delivered quickly too.


Here are the other options I’d recommend if you want to spend a bit more money:

(I haven’t tried either of them but I think I may be thinking about a speedo one some day if I’m lucky…)

Speedo Aquacoach:
RRP £100 / (see Wiggle here).

Swimovate Poolmate:
RRP £69.99 / (see Wiggle: £55.99 here, Pro£87.99 here )

Have you got or tried one of these swimming gadgets?  What do you think of it?  Would you recommend it?  😀

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