Wk10 Training: overflowing glasses

This week has been a little different to others for me. I’m still feeling good about myself, my training and my life in general. Ive also noticed with some of the blog posts I’ve been doing, and just the way I’ve been talking and thinking, that in still very much thinking very positively as a ‘glass half full’ kind of person.

In fact, I think my glass might just be full, or over flowing. Lol I think it’s a good way to be, and if I could bottle it and give it away, I would. 🙂


I’ve spoken to quite a lot of people this week and noticed quite different ways of thinking. Whereas I seem to be 150% self confident, happy and positive, others just don’t think like that.

Self confidence, positivity and mind over matter are all starting to form into a bit of a theory for me which I want to share with others if I can. And I’m working on an idea, so watch this space!

Wk10 Training (and end to wk9)
Anyway, here’s a note of my training for the last week. I finished off last week with a long run with Julie Ann which i haven’t posted about, got into a good routine right at the start of the week and took rest and trained when I felt I needed it.

Sat AM: 15M Hill mania with Julie Ann

I felt great on this run. We had a brilliant chat and were running at a nice comfortable pace. Although it was raining heavily at points, we kept smiling and had a good time.

2:30 running, then 1:30 good chat after it over a milkshake and stretches. No pain after it. 😀

The milkshake was nice and I’d definitely have it again: chocolate powder, coffee, almonds, peanut butter, milk, lucozade power shot, banana.

I’d left then in the fridge overnight and it honestly tasted like an alcoholic drink in the morning (debs, you might have liked it?! ;-). ) the banana must have done something or something. But it sure did wake me up anyway when I had my small glass of it in the morning. 🙂

Now, Remembering that this week was meant to be my easy seek, here’s what I did:

Monday: Lower weights and bodypump

am lower weights
Legs, back and abs: 45 mins.
Workout felt good again. Limited rest.

pm Bodypump

I kept my weights the same but felt slightly different today. I know that the arm workouts are tough, and before I think I always told myself ‘my arms are week, I can’t finish the Tricep and Bicep tracks’ so I always take a rest. Well, not on Monday. I completed both tracks, and I’m pretty sure it was just mind over matter that did it! 🙂 I was chuffed, but did take a forced rest for the shoulders track.

Tuesday: rest & 3 mile walk with Sally


Rest (a wee lie in to 7:30)


Rest – I did an easy 3 mile walk in the afternoon, then we decided to give Spinfit a miss to chat instead. 🙂

Wednesday: 7.9M easy run


I ran 7.9M with Jackie, from her house to Bella and the loop de loop. I love running with others and getting chat. 🙂 it also got me up nice and early.

Pm: rest

Thursday: 5M easy run wi Gill then upper weights

It was light for the first time we’d noticed it on Thursday morning at 6:30. We decided we’d run our old 5 mike route into Pollok Park. Just nice and steady, no pushing it.

We finished in around 46 minutes which Gill felt good about. Although she didn’t feel too good on the last half mile. I’ve seen a big change in the way Gill thinks. Before she probably would have told herself she couldn’t keep going (if she didn’t feel too good) and on thursday she kept going. :-). Maybe my positivity / self confidence / can do attitude is spreading?

Friday: rest day

All in all a reduced volume week but I felt good with everything I did:

2 runs: 12.9 miles
3 strength workouts:
1 walk: 3 miles
2 rest days
And two PT type sessions with Emma:

Helping spread the word and helping others

This weekend I’m helping a good friend out with her training and dirt. She’s trying to lose some weight and hopefully I can help look at what she does now, (eat and exercise) and suggest where she could maybe improve things. 🙂

I think I’ll maybe introduce her to my weights super sets workouts and my body weight circuits, see how that goes.

And maybe I can spread the ‘can do’ some too. 🙂

Emma, this is for you this weekend: lol


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