Think of a giraffe and smile :-)

A very lovely and wise woman once said to me:

Whenever times are hard, just think of a giraffe and how funny they look, and laugh. 😉

The woman was a friend of my Dad’s when I was younger. A lovely Geordie woman with a great jovial attitude to life. She would chat away and always saw the good in things.

Her story behind it really made me think and has helped me to have the very positive outlook I have now.

The woman was a nurse and her husband of 40 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She nursed him through it right to the end. But when times were really tough, they would always have a wee joke and laugh when they thought how funny a giraffe looks (plus it rhymes with laugh!)

So next time you’re up against it or you’re struggling in life, think of a giraffe and how odd and funny it looks, and hopefully you’ll smile.

And remember, ‘smile and the whole world smiles with you.’ 😀

I think it’s maybe time I took a wee trip to see the lovely Geordie woman to see how she and her dog are getting on. 🙂

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