Asda & Jasper’s own blog!


I’ve finally done it and set up a blog for Asda & Jasper
(our toy cats – ahem!)  I didn’t train on Tuesday as I spent any spare time setting it all up (Tuesday and Monday night).

Asda & Jasper’s  blog is here: Asda & Jasper’s Adventures


They also have a Flikr account:

And an email address:


I’ve set it up so that their posts can be emailed straight to the blog (from their kitty phones 😉 ), and I’m thinking the content will be mostly pictures (and a few words) to tell their stories.

I’ve also set up just over 30 blog posts to schedule over the next fortnight or so.  These posts will follow their adventures which have already been and gone.

Then as they go on new adventures, the blog will be updated by them (?!)

Do you have an animal who would like to be Asda & Jasper’s friend?

julAsda & Jasper have a page on their blog which features their friends (mainly other animals… stuffed or living)… if you’d like to make your animal their friend, just email me a picture of them (stuffed or real…. along with their name) and I’ll update them on the page.

Crazy stuff!  But hopefully it will be fun and funny. 😀

Go see their blog and let me know what you think!?!

And if you really want a laugh (ongoing), why don’t you click to Follow them?
(There’s a follow button on their blog for you to click).

PS: Oh and their calendar got delivered today… I think it’s very funny too! 😀

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