Wk47 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

Another one of my 5 mile runs with Gill this morning. I was better at getting out of bed on time and managed to get to the sports centre on time for 630.  The weather was ace this morning… it was horrible, but good for running in.  Light drizzle, 8’C.  Just right.  🙂 

I stood outside Bella for a bit to try and get my Garmin to ‘Find Satelittes’ but it wasn’t playing ball so I just started the timer and hoped it would find them at one point.  It ended up it didn’t find them at all.  Odd.  I’ve rebooted it and it seems to be ok now.

Anyway, we ran just over 5 miles in 46:46 which is about 9:12 min mile pace.  Gill was running strong and kept her pace throughout.  We ran the route back to front today, going through the park first and up Nithsdale Road and around by Dumbreck Road which seemed to be easier for some reason. Perhaps we’ll run it that way all the time.

rain puddles ground splatter graphic

On the run there were quite a few puddles we had to go through.  One right at Bella and one very large one at Dumbrek Road.  Gill immediately showed her aversion to puddles when she stopped dead at the first one and tried to tip toe around it.

red umbrella water puddles picture and wallpaperI showed her (as Jackie has showed me) to just run through it… you tend not to get too wet, and even if you do, there will be more puddles to go through so it’s best to get used to it.

When we got to the massive puddle at Dumbreck Road and I did suggest we cross the road but Gill went through it (more or less screaming)…lol… great fun.  Feet wet, dark all the way round and Garmin not tracking the distance, but we had a good run. 😀

Run: 5M, 46:46, Pace: 9:12, Calories: 400.
Ave HR: 139 (73%), Max HR: 154  (81%)

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