Wk47 – Circuits wi Gill

I dragged my sorry little tired ass out of bed a little late this morning… about 6:18 if I remember rightly… up dressed, out for 6:27… and I was a little late for meeting Gill at 630am.  I must do better!

I’ve been a bit busy doing other things (which will all become clear to you soon)… so I skived off from swimming last night to get it done.  I had a late night though, so getting up early today was tough.

I made it to Bella just after half 6 and Gill was waiting. I apologised and we got right into our workout.  At first it seemed way too early, but I was ok once I got into it.

Here’s what we did:

Warm Up: (30:5 x 7, repeated 3 times)
Sprints 10m
Power Squats
Log Jumps
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Mummy Kicks

Circuit 1: (30:5 x 8, repeated 3 times)
Sprints 10m
Suicide Drills
Power Jumps
Ski Down
Belt Kicks
Tricep V Push Ups
Mountain Climbers

I was sweating a lot by this point…

Circuit 2: (30:5 x 8, repeated 3 times)
Sprints 10m
Footbal Wide Stance
Basketball Jumps
Level 1 Drills
Cross Jacks
Ski Abs
In and Outs

Last circuit: (repeated 5 times)
8 x Quick squats
8 x Press ups

Hard work but well worth it.

Circuits: 46 minutes, 400 calories.


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