New swimming costume (by default)

Ha ha.. I forgot to mention, last night at the pool, I’d forgotten to pack my swimming costume… I had all the rest of my stuff, a towel, my goggles etc… so I had a few options:

  • Skive and go home and not go swimming.
  • Go home and get a swimming costume.
  • Buy a swimming costume from Reception at Bella.

I’ve got about 5 swimming costumes, about one of which fits properly.  Since I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, most of the costumes I’ve got are too big.  They do, but I could do with a new one.

So I bought one from Bella reception…in a size smaller than I used to get. 😀   And I got a staff discount which was nice so it only cost £20.  And Santa says he’s going to get it, so even better!

It’s a nice purple one.  🙂


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