Wk46 – 3000m incl 1 mile Time Trial

Well, I remembered my costume tonight, but I managed to forget my watch. So doing a time trial would be a bit challenging. 😉

Lucky for me Fit Girl had a watch so I got her to tell me how many minutes had passed as I swam.

Here’s the results:

3000m incl 1 mile Time Trial: 59 minutes.
5 x 100m: FC / BC / FC pull / BS / FC: 12 minutes.
64 lengths/1 mile: 28 minutes
5 x 100m (25m sprint/75m steady): 11 minutes
400m FC pull: 8 minutes.

Happy with that. 😀

I was working on the points Mark had given me last night:
– Improve tumble turns into the wall.
– Lower right hand entry.
– Rotate shoulders, and do deeper pull.
– Stretch in reach, rotate body so shoulder is under chin at furthest point of reach.

Here’s my plan in its polly pocket.

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