Winter Ultra Run Challenge

Mid to late October 2011 and I was about 3 weeks into my original ‘Ultra Challenge?‘ training plan where I was going to aim train to run 50 miles from Glasgow to Inverarnan.  Here’s the plan I had:

My Winter Ultra Run Challenge

Already things have changed and I’ve decided to change things about and reassess my training plan and goals.

Originally I’d thought, 3 Saturdays of long runs followed by 1 recovery week would do, but I’ve noticed I seem to need  a bit more recovery.  So I’m going to try something a bit different.

My overall aim

My aim is to run an Ultramarathon distance on the 10th December 2011.  The idea is to either run 40 miles from Milngavie to Inverarnan, or 53 miles from Milngavie to Tyndrum … I’ll decide which one I’m going to do once I see how I get on with my training!

Hopefully this will give me an idea of whether I can (or whether I want to) enter the big world of ultramarathon running in 2012!

I really enjoyed walking (12.5 miles) last weekend, and found it a good break from asking myself to run 20-25 miles on a Saturday (for three weeks).  We’re walking the West Highland way in April 2012, so we need to get to know the route and get some walking training in too.  I’m thinking it will be good recovery if I walk once a fortnight instead of running long.

I thought I’d try alternating my Saturday workouts between running long and walking long.

Winter Ultra Run Challenge Training  Plan

My training will revolve around a 2 weekly training pattern:

  •  The first week will include 3-4 runs, including a long one on the Saturday.
    I’ll swim 1-3 times a week and still do circuits (45 mins) once a week.
    And I’m going to put in a wee (45 min) Kettlebell Tabata workout once a week too. 🙂
  • Then every 2nd week will include less running, more swimming and a long walk to finish the week off.

Hopefully this will give me plenty of recovery time after my long run weeks. (Avoiding injury and possible overtraining hopefully!)   See the plan below:

I still want to build up my running miles so that my long runs get even longer, and I also want to get to know the West Highland Way, so I’ll be doing most of my long run and long walk training on it.

Due to transportation issues though, I’m going to run out and backs mostly unless I can arrange some sort of transport. I don’t want to put anyone out, so unless I’m running with someone (so we can leave cars at the start and end points), I’m opting for out and backs. 😀 I have thought about buses/trains…but I don’t fancy getting a train or bus after I’ve run for a long time. I’d rather get into a nice warm car, with lots of gear and clothes to hop into!

I’ll update my training plan on my Current Training Plans page here.

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2 Responses to Winter Ultra Run Challenge

  1. Errign says:

    Wow, that’s going to be quite a run. 🙂 Great training plans.

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