Thursday night plans

Ow ow ow ow ow, my legs are sore!  My quads to be precise…that’s what I get for running 8.5 miles fast on Tuesday night.  Who says running is good for you?? lol

I was meant to do a nice easy 5 mile run this morning with Gill before work, but she called off as she didn’t feel too great. Result! Lie in for me!! :-O

Anyway, it feels like the pain in my legs will clear up by tomorrow, so I might just try a wee swim tonight.

I haven’t been in the pool all week, so it should be good.  I’ll go to Tollcross (where they open it up to be 50m) and I’ll do swim session 8.

This is what I think I’ll do:

100m FC steady, 100m FC pull, 100m FC kick, 100m FC steady
1600m (32 lengths) FC swim
4 x 100m FC/BC kick
100m swim down (FC pull)

Then I might pop through for a game of basketball… but perhaps not, maybe a run, but perhaps not.  🙂  Depends on the time really.

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