Week 41 totals…

I thought now might be a good time to look at my Totals for the year…

Running, Cycling, Spinning, Wakling, Swimming and Circuits/Insanity:

In the 41 weeks of this year I have:

    • Covered 2,376 miles / spent 325 hours  in training.
      (I’d done 1,924 miles at the end of last year)
    • Burned almost 200,000 calories (the equivalent of about 56lbs).
    • Trained on average for just under 8 hours a week.

I have run just over 1,000 miles, burning over 100,000 calories, or the equivalent of 29lbs. I did all this in around 141 hours or the equivalent of 6 non stop running days. (Last year I only ran 750 miles in the whole year!)

My average weekly (running) mileage was 25 miles, and I’ve spent almost 3.5 hours per week on average, running.

Just over two fifths of my time training is recorded as running. 🙂
I’ve cycled/spun 1,150 miles in 76 hours, burning around 50,000 calories, or 15lbs.

On average I cycled 28 miles or almost 2 hours a week.  Cycling takes up almost a quarter of my training time.

I’ve swum 21 miles in 11 hours, burning just over 6,500 calories.  And I’ve walked around 180 miles (20,000 calories/6lbs).  35 hours/18,000 calories worth of circuits / Insanity.  😀


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