The night before the Great Scottish Run :-)

I’m ready. Ready for the Great Scottish Run and ready to fly out to Chicago on Monday.  I’ve got all my race stuff out ready and have packed my bags for the holiday.

I’ve got a really busy day ahead on Sunday so I needed to get all the packing done tonight.  Sunday the 4th September will be:

Up early head to George Square for the start of the 10k.
9:30 10k, run from Glasgow Green to George Square for
11:00 Half Marathon, run it and finish for around
12:45 ish… then run or walk home, for lunch 13:00 – 15:00.
15:30 Go to teach swimming from 16:00 – 20:00
Come home, have dinner and try to get as early a night as possible.
Oh – and I’ll try to update this blog with a race report if I can at some point!! (as I won’t have time on Monday!)

Good news is the weather looks good for the runs tomorrow… 11-16’C, Sunny Intervals, very light wind.

Excellent running conditions for running.  😀

As I’ll be doing around 20 miles I’m taking my own water pack, and the following energy:

Pre 10k: 1 SIS caffeine gel
Post 10k: 1 SIS caffeine gel
5 miles into half m:  1 SIS caffeine gel
8 miles into half m: 1 normal gel

And here is my ideas for pacing:

A fast one, or a little bit slower for me… I’ll just see how I feel tomorrow after the 10k I do.   I should do the 10k at an easyish pace then take my time running up to George Square again.

I’ve just realised the total times should be the other way around…but you get the idea.  🙂  The end time doesn’t really matter to me at this time or when I’m running, I like to try and concentrate on my mile splits instead. (Of course it matters when I’m finished!)

Last year I ran the Great Scottish Half Marathon Run in 1:45:48 (dressed as supergirl) and based on my training this year I should beat it, but if I don’t, I don’t mind.  🙂  I want to just enjoy it all.

I’m running with my new (lighter blue) saltire flag as a cape, so I should get a few cheers along the way.  And I’ll be wearing a dark blue and white top for the run(s).

If you see me on the day give me a cheer and a wave, or even better take some photos and send them to me… !  😉 x

I’ve had a look at the weather in Chicago for the time we’re away and it looks amazing… 23-28’C sunny. 🙂  I cannot wait!!  I’m so excited about the run(s) tomorrow and about going away on our holidays too!!

I’ll be doing one more post (the race report, then this blog will go quiet for the time we’re in Chicago… don’t miss me too much.  😉

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