Wk27 – 45 mins Bike Cruise Intervals

Monday morning… my second Monday morning in the gym on the bike. 

Bike: 45 minutes, Level 10, Cruise Intervals
5 minute warm up (+80rpm)
7 x 4 mins (+90rpm) with 1 min rest (80rpm)
5 minute cool down

I listened to the News today instead of my music and it was ok.  By the end, as usual I was sweating like I don’t know what.  Worked hard anyway.  My avg HR was at 70% and I maxed at 78%.

A good workout anyway… my knee felt fine and I’m looking forward to doing a run tonight of between 15 – 45 minutes. It’s such a nice day I’m thinking I might try a run outside?  What do you think?  Outside or on the treadmill again?

Bike: 45 mins, 12.5 miles, 16.6mph, Calories: 465.
Ave HR: 133 (70%), Max HR: 148 (78%)

Oh and on Sunday I spent 3 hours digging in the garden… digging up the grass and tree roots.  It started off ok, then as more roots started appearing it was getting harder and harder.  I was working quite hard and thought to myself I’m quite glad I’m as fit as I am or I’d be sore the next day. 

The rain stopped me at a quarter to 12 and to be honest I thought it was time to go in and get ready for the rest of the day anyway.  A good bit of work done though, and today as predicted, I’m not sore from digging.  🙂

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