Wk20 – 4.3M Maxwell Park run in the rain

Back to a rainy Monday morning this week.  Watching the weather last night and it was just a torrent of water right across the West coast of Scotland.  I am back from my sunny holidays with a bump!

I actually quite like running in the rain…once you get the initial, get out there over with and you get soaked through… it’s great fun.

Out of bed for 630 this morning and I was out the door for just after 650 after a wee bowl of special k to keep me going.

I looked out before I started and it was POURING.  Better get on with it I thought.

Once I got soaked through it was fine.  I was wearing my shorts, a warm tshirt, long sleeved top and a buff for my ears. And I wished I’d worn my gloves!  It felt like it was 5’C with cold driving rain.  Lovely!

I was going to run just and easy ‘I don’t care what pace I run at’ run… but had a feeling that with the pouring rain, I wouldn’t be hanging about much!

I tried to run and shelter under trees to no avail, and then at about 2.5 miles in I passed Old Dog (old, slow golden lab I pass in the mornings on this route), his owner and his buddy the Barky Spaniel.  The Barky Spaniel seems like he is the owners second dog, which they got when Old Dog was going downhill a bit.  Poor Old Dog had a bandage on his foot. 

I passed the owner and Barky Spaniel on their side of the pavement for once, and this time I was tempted to say hello to the owner, but when Barky Spaniel barked at me and tried to go for me, I decided I’d step off the pavement and avoid him.  Old Dog was happy for me to run by him though. 😀

About 3 miles in and I just decided instead of trying to avoid the big puddles, I’d just go straight through them.  One big puddle filling part of a drive way entrance was an inch or so deep and about 6 foot wide… my feet were totally and utterly drenched.  Great fun!  😉   My friend Jackie loves to run through puddles, and she would say she taught me to run through puddles – well, today she would have been proud of me!

Although I didn’t look at my watch once (it was covered with my long sleeve all the way round) my pace splits were good (slower at start, faster at the end): 8:25, 8:30, 8:10, 7:53 and the last 0.32M I was held up for about 30 seconds at the traffic lights so it ended up being about 6:42.  My heart rate was nice and steady too.  😀

I honestly think there is no better start to the week than (even a rainy) an early morning run on a Monday morning before work!!

Run: 4.32M, 35:45, Pace: 8:06, 7.4mph, Calories: 430
Ave HR: 154 (81%), Max HR: 166 (87%)

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