Wk29 – 15.35M sort of by mistake

As you know from my last post… I planned to get up early (5:30am, to be out the door for 5:45am) this morning.  I did it.  I dragged myself out of bed and got out the door and started my run dead on 5:45.  Result!  I was planning on doing 12 miles

It was all going so well on the way up to Giffnock… through Shawlands, then on up and up and up to Giffnock.  It was a steady climb, but I knew I’d be coming back down the hill so it was fine.

15.5 miles graph

As I always do, I was trying to keep my heart rate between 140 -160 and managed an average of 152, so did not bad.  The idea is that my aerboic (easy) zone is up to 150, my effective zone is 150 – 160 and my anaerobic (hard) zone is 160+/  I was there a few times… on hills and when I was pushing it a little, feeling good.  But I soon brought it back down to get my average 152.  I find that if my HR goes above 160, I tend to have more chance of getting DOMS (which I have slightly now).  So run long and easy and you’ll reduce your chances of getting sore legs after your run. 

See here for more information on Heart Rate Training  I started running according to my heart rate a few years ago, and it truly was a light bulb moment for me. 🙂

15.5M splits

It was all going well (I thought) until around about 9 miles in, when I realised I hadn’t taken a right turn I was meant to.  I knew sort of where I was… but I didn’t really know where I was heading. I thought I was running towards Pollok Park and Haggs Road, but it turned out I was running towards BARRHEAD!

Not good for an early morning run before work when I was meant to be back for 7:30am (after 1:45 hours of running max!)  I’d run some of the route with Tina and Jackie, so I knew kind of where I was, but I also knew it was not where I wanted to be at this time in the morning before work!

15.5 miles

It ended up I took a right up Hurlet Road, and again kind of knew where I was, before, at about 11 miles in, coming to a roundabout at Pollok.  I finally knew where I was, and I knew that I was at least 4 miles or around 35 mins from home!  I knew I could hang on in there, but there were concerns that I hadn’t had anything to eat and not a lot to drink before I started!  Half Marathon in around 1:46 – not bad for a wee training run on no energy!

I tried to run the most direct route home: through Pollok Park, along the cycle track / Fluers Avenue and home… but it ended up being 15.35 miles or 2:05 of running.  So just over 20 minutes / 3.5 miles above what I’d planned.



I drank plenty of water when I got in, stretched and drank a for goodness shakes milkshake to help reduce any dehydration and improve recovery.   And then I had a good breakfast of melon, strawberries, scrambled eggs and blueberries.  Very tasty.  And I’ve been eating and drinking (and peeing!) since!

My legs are a little stiff, but apart from that I’m good.  🙂  It’s pretty amazing that even though I’d planned for 12 miles, I was able to keep going, for an unknown period and keep up my pace too.  I feel very fortunate to be able to have done that this morning.  Fingers crossed I don’t fall asleep at my desk!

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