A few days rest for me

The day after my marathon was tough. :-S


Sore feet, calves, quads, back, shoulders, eyeballs (ok, maybe not my eyeballs). 😉
I did an easy recovery run (as I’d arranged a coaching session with a new PT client) – we ended up doing 6 miles at an easy and chatty pace.
The run was fine, and it was a good way to get my body moving again.
But moving is hard, and the pain I’m feeling just shows how much I’ve put my body through by running my marathon.


The strange feelings in my body started more or less as soon as I stopped running.
Light headed, almost pins and needles feeling, hairs on the back of my neck standing up.
Then the pain kicked in (no blurry vision this time though! Yey!)
And the recovery process started.

Going down stairs has been entertaining… one step at a time. ‘ow ow ow ow ow e ow ow ow.’
And even getting up after I’ve been sitting or lying is a challenge… using my arms to lever me up.
My plantars on the sole of my feet are sore.
I’m moving, but I’m moving a bit like an 80 year old… creaking and groaning.

Then I went on a hot poolside and taught swimming lessons for 4 hours.
Perhaps good for my muscles, but not good for my two blisters on the balls of my feet.
And not good for my tiredness.
legsI’m tired, feeling a little bit grumpy, and in need of plenty of recovery time (but still smiling).

I’ve been hungry, with my body using everything I’ve had to recover
and replace the calories I burned on the run.
I worked hard, did my best and pushed myself to my limits,
No matter how much I stretched, or tried to prevent DOMS, they’re here for a while!

rest dayNow for some well earned rest, and an all over massage on Tuesday night.
And let me tell you… I won’t be thinking about working out – that’s for sure.
If anything, I’ll be thinking about walking and taking the lift at work,
and getting myself back to normal without the pains, creaks, moans and groans!

I have nothing specific planned exercise wise for the next week.
Mainly I want to catch up on my sleep, eat well, drink well and recover.
No running until there’s no more pain in my body and then some.
Only walking and plenty of rest, with maybe a sprinkling of a wee social run much later on in the week if I’m feeling better.

Time to take care and let my body do the amazing things it does to recover. 🙂


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