Happy hangovers brought to you by the Scottish Government

As regular readers of my blog will know, in May 2009, after a rather heavy drinking session (and after being sick 8 times the next day) I decided I’d had my last drink of alcohol. My friends 30th birthday party ‘broke’ me and I haven’t touched a drop since! 1,167 days and counting! 😉

As with many kids from the North of Scotland (or Scotland as a whole nowadays?) I started drinking very young and continued drinking at what was most probably dangerous (but probably socially acceptable) levels.

I’m afraid I was the kind of drunk who never knew when she’d had enough, and I’ve been known to drink and drink and drink until I don’t remember a thing (but I’ve still been conscious, apparently). Sometimes it ended ok, once I broke my leg and walked a mile home on it, and other times it was worse than that. :-/

I gave up for a number of reasons, but I’ve done it for myself, and I don’t believe that others need to follow me.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’d be great if one day you woke up and said, ‘that’s it, no more drinking for me’, but realistically I understand that drinking is something a lot of people enjoy, and I’d never take that away from someone or ask them to be like me. I don’t preach, and I try not to push the fact that I don’t drink onto others. 🙂

Each to their own and all that (although I have to admit giving up drinking has been one of the best things I’ve ever done!). However I am still aware of how much drinking is such a huge part of the Scottish and British culture.

When I was Drunk Lorn, I used to plan our my recovery / hangover. (A bit like recovery after my long runs in fact). I’d usually get a crap or disturbed sleep and wake up really early.

I’d need to have a good long hot shower, get some good stodgy food in me (2 x McDonalds McChicken Sandwiches with extra mayo and a large coke usually did the trick), I’d try to drink as much water as possible, and I’d usually lie about helpless and unwell until the next day, or the next next day when I felt a bit better.

It’s safe to say that those days are behind me, but for those of you who still like a drink… I thought you might appreciate this… to maybe help you recover from any impending hangover which might creep up on you in the future:

It comes from this recently published (and particularly down with the kids) document from the Scottish Government:

See the full document here:


It may be full of stuff you know about how to survive your drinking (or rather the drinking that’s expected of you?), or it may enlighten you to some helpful tips you maybe weren’t too aware of.

Happy reading. 🙂 and happy hangovers! 😉

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