I’m a qualified Metafit Instructor

metafit 2I kept this one kind of under wraps and haven’t written about it so far… (because mainly I don’t have time to do it as a coach)… but at the start of the year I became a fully qualified Metafit Instructor.  🙂

I’ve signed up to the tracks…(and now have them on my iPod / iPhone… how cool!) … and  I’ve also set up a page on here which will be dedicated to Metafit.

If you want to know more about Metafit go here... and for some of my previous posts about Metafit, go here.

safe_image.phpMetafit really is a great bodyweight workout… hard work, intense and fun.  It really gets you working as hard as you want to work.

I’m going to update the details of the Metafit workouts I have on here every now and again and on my Metafit page (the tracks are only for qualified instructors though).

As I mentioned, I don’t have time to actually be a Metafit Instructor, but if you want to book into a Metafit class, the best ones in Glasgow are at Kaizen Active. 🙂


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