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5/5 Top 10 ways to achieve your personal best

To take your training and competition to the next level you need to do more than just put in time, you need to have a plan.  Your training program requires constant adjustment throughout the year to avoid plateaux and burnout. … Continue reading

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Increased Calorie Burn After Exercise

I’ve always read and beleived that exercise is good for you.  Exercise was always promoted to my by my parents and school and I’ve always taken part in extra curricular activities after school and outside my work life. Exercise is … Continue reading

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Wk4 – 7.45M speedwork

After my abismal attempt at 7 miles of speedwork last Wednesday (- I only managed 2.5 miles before stopping the treadmill), I thought I would try a different approach.  Here was the plan before last nights run: Run outside, and not on … Continue reading

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End of 2011 Marathon stats

I forgot to include this graph and pace detail in the post I did about the marathon I did on the 30th December: I ran the first 18.5 miles on my own: 8:16 pace. Then was grateful to run with … Continue reading

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Lorn’s Crazy Intense Circuits

A little bit inspired by the circuit class last night… I thought I’d try and mix my circuits up a bit – and make them even more challenging! I was doing a warm up of 7 exercises repeated 3 times, then 3 circuits … Continue reading

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Wk44 – Early morning Circuits

This morning was Circuits with Gill at Bella.  45 minutes of high intensity interval training. 🙂 We did the following: WARM UP 3 repeats of: 7 exercises, 30 secs work: 5 secs rest Sprints (10m) Power Squats Log Jumps 123 … Continue reading

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Wk41 – Lorn’s Intense Crazy Circuits II

Last night I made up a new Crazy Circuits workout for Gill and I to do this morning. As usual, once we were doing it, I felt that it would be good if it was tweaked a bit, so I’ve … Continue reading

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