Super Muscle Strength: PT Session 1

Today at 630am, I had my first strength session with ‘Mr Muscle’.

Although you might think – ‘Why would need to get yourself a PT / Coach Lorn?’ :

I know it’s always good to learn from others and I’m sure he’ll be able to guide me and push me and help me achieve my goals, as well as helping me to learn lots along the way.

‘Mr Muscle’ is a personal trainer who works for Kaizen Active in town and I thought it would be good to have him help me:

– To learn new things.

– With my form, training and strength workouts.

– Change and improve (or replace) old learned habits.
– To improve my nutrition to support my strength training.

One of the main reasons for my asking for Mr Muscle to help me, is that my weight, body fat and body has more or less remained the same for the last 2.5 years: my happy little ‘plateau’.

After losing all the weight (-23lbs / -10% body fat), I’ve continued to run and do strength training, but don’t tend to change much, so I thought Mr Muscle could help me change things and push me to my limits.

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. If you want something different, do something different.’


The goals we’ve set is for me to ‘Become stronger and leaner.’

To quantify that, it’s to reduce my body fat by 2-5%, build muscle and increase the amount I lift.

[If I’m honest, I’ve never been able to ‘build muscle’
– I’ve blamed it on ‘being a woman’ and my ‘genes’,
when in fact it’s more than likely to do with what I eat and how I’ve learned to train.

I thought Mr Muscle could look at what I do and eat,
and suggest ways for me to achieve my goals above.]


This morning I weighed 123lbs and had 20.1% body fat (on my Salter Scales).

Mr Muscle took my ‘measurements’ and body fat with callipers today.

(I’ll post the measurements later – still undecided if I’ll post my before pictures!).

The callipers body fat measurement worked out at 18.9% with the measurements.

I’ll use my Salter Scales measurement to check it against, as it’s the one I usually use and it’s the one I’ve used since my body fat was 29.5%.

So the aim is to reduce it from 20.1% to 15-18%.

(or from 18.9% on the callipers to 14-17%).


Body fat reduction will come with changing my nutrition as well as my strength workouts.

And Mr Muscle has told me to ‘eat more carbs’ and do ‘carb cycling’.

He commented that he thinks I don’t eat enough carbs, and if I ate more carbs on my exercise days, my ability to burn fat would improve and I’d have less cravings for sweet foods later in the day. Woohoo… I GET TO EAT EVEN MORE FOOD!


As I mentioned before, I’m not very good at counting grams etc, so he’s going to do this for me, and provide me with a weekly meal plan (which will include my weekly chinese takeaway).

Low days – Rest days (as now)

Med days – Cardio / Run days (increased carbs)

High days – Strength Training (more carbs)

I’ll increase my carb intake by eating more fruit, more veg and more in the form of oatcakes and other carby foods (preferably at the start of the day). I’ll add soup to my chicken box at lunch, banana or veg to my breakfast eggs and a carby snack later in the day. (I’m looking forward to seeing his nutrition plan too).


We also talked about how I have grown toworkout fasted.

With light headedness this morning, and feeling a bit sick, we thought it would be a good idea to get some energy in me before my workouts.

Some suggestions for a pre workout snack include:

– Banana

– Oats & Whey protein (porridge)
– Chicken, broccoli & Sweet Potato
– Cottage cheese, berries & walnuts
– Greek Yoghurt, berries, oats & nuts
– Mocha protein shake


For today’s workout Mr Muscle took me through all of the exercises I’d be doing on my Workout 1 and Workout 2.

We mainly focused on getting the weights and form right for my Deadlift and Squat, but went through other exercises to make sure I knew what they were and was doing them ok. Then two finishers to finish off. Arg!

Warm Up

Bridge lifts x 5

Bridge lifts, alternating legs x 5

Lying body twists (each side) x2

Hip flexor stretch (each side) x5

Floor Walkup to Press up x 5

Main Sets

Deadlift – x2

My focus with the Deadlift is to improve my form (straight legs until I drop the bar to my knees) and lift heavy.

8 reps: 56kg

6 reps: 61kg

4 reps: 66kg

(I needed more grip on the bar, but my form was good and I could lift it – (which was good to know, although I’m still slightly doubtful).)

I’ve ordered these grip straps as I don’t want to let my grip stop me from lifting heavy, and I won’t be able to use chalk (The rather tidy and clean Fit Girl would have a fit if I used chalk…!!)

Squat – x2

My focus with the Squat is to squat deep, focussing on form (not squat heavy).

8 reps: 36kg

6 reps: 41kg

4 reps: 46kg

My Squat form was fine, but we went lighter than I have been doing – it’s all about the range of motion (not the weight).


Romanian Deadlift

Press Ups

High Pull

Shoulder Press

Front Squat

Bent Over Row


Squat Thrusts / Press ups: 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 and so on up to 10. Killer.

KB Swings / KB Goblet Squats: 21:21, 15:15, 9:9 (fast tempo).


I’ll be seeing Mr Muscle every fortnight, and my next session will be Monday 23rdDecember.

(No, I don’t stop training for Christmas!) I’ll be doing two strength workouts before then, and then another session with him to check my progress.

My weekly training / carb plan will be loosely as follows, dependant on work commitments and days off:

MON: Strength – High carb day

TUE: Easy run (up to 5 miles) – Low carb day

WED: Rest or HIIT (KB or circuits) – Low / Med carb day

THU: Effective run (varied speedwork 35 mins) – Med carb day

FRI: Strength – High carb day

SAT: Long Run – Med carb day

SUN: Rest – Low carb day

PS: If you are considering a PT to help you with your goals, nutrition, weight loss or strength training – I couldn’t recommend Kaizen Active highly enough. Good people, with great knowledge and are able to deliver results.

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