Top 10 nutrition tips

I spent a bit of time with the very well informed and lovely Gordon from Kaizen Active* today and got some tips for good nutrition. Thanks Gordon!!

( Please note that these tips are in my own words, taken from what Gordon said. They are not the words of Kaizen Active! )

Here are my tips based on what Gordon said tonight:

1. Fuel your exercise and life. Get your body to be able to regularly burn fat by eating the right foods and having a level metabolism with regulated insulin levels.

2. Eat a varied and balanced diet with a healthy and balanced amount of Protien, Carbhoydrates and Fats.

3. Get enough nutrients from your foods to be healthy and sustain your lifestyle.

4. Eat real whole foods (not refined) and think about getting nutrients and energy from the food you eat. Veg should be fresh or frozen (not from tins or jars). Eat lean meat (not processed meats). Eat healthy fats (nuts, fish, oils).

5. Eat small amounts regularly to prevent hunger and maintain a good level of metabolism. Get a balance between how much you take in and how much energy you use daily. Do a HR monitor test for a day to see how many calories you usualy burn, compare it to your intake. Are you eating enough to fuel your activity?

6. Reduce or limit sugar intake and eat protien rich snacks instead to increase satiety. Protein shakes are a good option: PHD diet whey or My Protein whey protein are tasty options.

7. Drink water, milk or juice (not from concentrate), reduce or cut out alcohol. Plenty of water throughout the day.

8. Eat large breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner (snack on protien filled snacks if needed). Watch your portion sizes and don’t binge.

9. Daily Supplements
You might not need supplements, but as a good insurance policy the following might be a good idea:
Cod liver oil tablets
Vitamin C effervescent

10. Meal ideas

Toast with meat, eggs, peanut butter.
Porridge, weetabix, Shreddies.

Protien shake
Greek yoghurt (not low fat)
Greek yoghurt mixed with protein powder
Bagel and cottage cheese / peanut butter
Cheese and meat
Protien based

Baked potato and tuna, chicken, prawns, beans. (exercise days)
Soup on non exercise days.
Bean salad
Tuna salad
Egg salad
Meat salad

Meat and veg
Fish and veg
Frittata with peppers
Side salad with dressing
Teriyaki oil
Chicken stir fry

Mince n Tatties (with veg)

Exercise days: more carbs / food

*Click here for more about Kaizen Active. 🙂

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