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The men who made us fat

This is well worth a watch if you didn’t see it last week. Login to BBC iplayer and search on: ‘The men who made us fat’. High fructose corn syrup : Coca cola and Pepsi : the US diet government … Continue reading

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The Smarter Science of Slim

I’m about to be off for a few days for my birthday… 🙂  After three days of sunshine and warmth rain is forecast though…so I’m not too pleased! 😦 Anyway, I thought I’d leave you with this.  I recently bought this … Continue reading

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Lucky old me!

32 years young I am today. 🙂 I feel very fortunate to be where I am and to have all that I have. This week has been really good for me: a good interview for a new job / attachment … Continue reading

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Wk24 Summary & Wk25 Plan

This week was the start of my taking Kaizen Runners Zero to 5k and I had their runs on Tuesday and Sunday, my rest days, so I changed my days about a bit and tried to fit what I wanted … Continue reading

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Wk24 – 13.1M Early Morning Run

This week has gone a little different to planned (which is ok).  🙂  Recently I’m trying less to stick to a training routine (ie this on this day, that on that day) and trying more to listen to my body … Continue reading

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Ha ha… after my upper body workout on Wednesday… my muscles are a bit sore.  My arms, forearms and upper arms, my chest, shoulders and back.  And so they should be: I was trying out lifting heavier weights for less … Continue reading

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13.1 miles for breakfast. :-)

Tomorrow (Friday) morning I’m going to run my first ever half marathon route around the south side of Glasgow. 🙂 before breakfast fingers crossed.

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Garmin 610… what you can do with it. :-)

garmin610 A friend of mine has just been fortunate enough to buy herself a Garmin 610 – welcome to the club!  🙂 I love my Garmin 610 and since getting my first Garmin (405) in 2008 I’ve got to grips … Continue reading

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How to get up and running?

Here’s a short guide on how to get up and running.  To get up and running 5k it’s a good idea to use a run walk programme to get your body and mind used to running.  Ideally you will be comfortable … Continue reading

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