Super Strength June 2012

Here are the workouts I’ll do in the gym. 20-60 minutes with a 5 minute cardio warm up on the bike. 8-10 reps, Limited rest.

1. 2 weights workouts, 1 plyo for each body part.
2. Then a circuit of 6-8 exercises. 30 secs work, 6 secs rest.

WEIGHTS: legs, chest, shoulders, back, arms

Leg press
Calf press
Squat / Lunges
Single leg squat

Chest press
Press up / moving press up
Chest pull ups
Pec dec

Shoulder press
Lateral raise
Lat raise to shoulder press

Lateral pull down
Bent over row

Bicep curls
Pull ups
Tricep pushdowns
Tricep press ups

Side bends
Moving plank
Side plank
Leg raises
Plank walk up
Press ups
Low plank oblique

Sitting medicine ball pass
Floor toe reach
Back extension
Roll out
Over the mountain
Russian twist
Reverse crunches

Power jumps
Power squats
Switch kicks
Cross jacks
Quick jumps / Skipping
Suicide drills / dips
High knees
Butt kicks

Mountain climbers
Push up jacks
Ski abs
In and outs
3 point squat
Level 1 drills
Tuck jumps

Box jumps
Box steps
Bench jumps
Moving push ups
Mountain climbers
Tricep press ups
Ski abs
In and outs

Jump squat
Single leg Burpees
Single leg squat
Ice skaters
Deep squat – pull up

Back row
Chest press
I up & Y wide
Roll out
Side star touch

Jack knife
Mountain climbers
Press ups

Level 1 drills / Burpees
Squat press
Torso circles
Press ups
Double arm row
Squat figure 8s
Double arm swing
Mountain climbers
Sumo squat

Bike intervals

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