Wk25 Summary & Wk26 Plan

This week will see me run my first half marathon event of the year… the Barrathon is on Saturday the 30th June and I can’t wait for it.  My good friends Rhona and Ewen are going to Barra to do it, and my other friends Jackie and co are going too.  All in all there will be around 12 people I know doing it.  🙂 

Jackie and I are travelling with Cat, Tina and Lee and we leave Glasgow on the Friday… I’m not sure of the details, but I’m reliable informed it’s a very very very long way there.  (Car and boat ride).  When we get there we’re staying in the hostel near the start / finish line which will be convenient!

I’m going to wear my big Scotland flag and just run and have fun.   Note: If it’s pouring and windy I’m going to run as fast as I can, otherwise, I’m going to run with others and just enjoy myself. It should make for a fun atmostphere! 

Here’s what I did last week, and my plans for this coming week:

Mon: AM: Legs, Back & Abs
Tue: PM: Kaizen Runners: Wk2.11: 2.74M, 3:3 x 4
Wed: AM: 8.5M Run
Thu: 3.25M easy run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 50 mins intense circuits, 30 mins boxfit, 10 mins abs.
Sun: Kaizen Runners: Wk2.12: 3.38M, 5:3 x 4

No swim last week, but plenty of other stuff to keep me busy.  I really enjoyed our Saturday circuits and boxfit and Kaizen Runners is going well.

Here’s what I’m planning this week:

Mon: AM: Chest, Shoulders, Arms & Plyo
Tue: PM: Kaizen Runners: Wk3.11: 7:2 x 3
Wed: AM: 2000m swim
Thu: AM: 4-5M easy run
Fri: Rest & Travel
Sat: Barrathon!
Sun: Rest & Travel

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