Time for a rest: swollen & sore ankle

You might remember me talking about having sore feet from walking the West Highland Way: https://lornpearsontrains.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/believe-in-yourself/

The pain cleared up after I stopped walking, but as the days went on feet were in excruciating pain whilst walking.

By day 2 of the walk my feet had swollen up, so they were squashed inside my boots. And by the end of day 2 I was finding it hard to put weight on my heels.

By day 3 I was using ibuprofen and a positive mind set to get me through. And by the time I finished I was limping but proud to have kept going and finish in 5 days as planned.

Now 1 week, 3 runs (7M, 5M & 10M), some short walks and 2 strength sessions later, here’s what’s become of my feet / ankles:

I’ve got a swollen and sore left ankle. 😦

It’s the ankle that I went over a few years ago (jan 2010), and it’s the same ankle I broke in 1999 when I was blindly drunk. Apparently (not that i remember(!!)), I fell out of a pub and broke it, then walked a mile home on it!

Cue big swollen and broken ankle in the morning (to accompany the hangover and mortification) and 6 weeks in a cast (over Christmas and New year no less!)


Is it any wonder I gave up alcohol?!


It’s not too bad, but bad enough to realise that I need to doing something to help it recover. I ran last week because although if was a big of a niggle, it was ok, not too bad. But now it’s getting swollen from rubbing on trainers I wear, so I need to make some changes.

From now on for a bit, I’m going give running (and walking?) a miss, and only do strength work (no jumps or Plyometrics).

I’ll take some ibuprofen, elevate it when I can, and wear flip flops.

I hope Summer comes for my new foot wear. Lol

Hey ho. 🙂

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