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Be happy: like me :-D

Someone asked me tonight if I ever get down? If I’m this happy and positive all of the time? The answer is no, I don’t tend to get down or sad. What’s the point in being down or sad? I’m … Continue reading

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1.25 miles (with no hip flexor pain) in lovely weather. Aaaaahhh! :-D

I tested out my hip flexor at lunch time today: 1.25 miles around Festival Park and it was fine. I’m still running a little gingerly and won’t be running to and from Kaizen Run Club tonight but should be ok … Continue reading

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How to deal with injury constructively

So, you’re training for a big event… a run, big walk or triathlon… 6 weeks into your 12 week training plan… and ‘PING’ something goes. You’re injured and you need to reassess your training and goals.  I used to get … Continue reading

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Hello mrs running lady!

When you’re a runner and you choose not to run (due to injury or rest or whatever), its funny how you appreciate running and other runners. Here’s a mrs running lady who overtook me on my sunny walk to work … Continue reading

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